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What others have to say about Michele Kallio’s Betrayal:

Wendi Lang Beggs 11/25/2013 Betrayal is a fantastic story about modern/Tudor times. I was unable to put this book down once I started it! Modern day Lydia who lives in Canada is haunted nightly by a girl, Elisabeth Beeton, who wants her name cleared and who lived over 400 years ago. Elisabeth was Anne Boleyn's maid, Lydia needs to get to the bottom of these nightmares before they destroy her life and relationship. What Lydia discovers on her journey will change everything she has ever known! The story tells the tale of each woman and the heartbreak each suffered at the betrayal of those they loved. Michele has a way of planting the reader right in the midst of her book, you can nearly smell the roses! If you like Tudor fiction, you'll love Betrayal!
ChristophFischerBooks 10/17/2013 "Betrayal" by Michele Kallio is a clever blend of historical fiction and fantasy that starts out in comtemporary Canada. Lydia experiences haunting dreams that take her back to Tudor England. She is fighting the disturbance to her life and trying to figure the meaning of these dreams while in her dreams/the past she witnesses some historic moments and discovers a secret that may or may not be true. In the past storyline we connect with Elisabeth Beeton, servant to Queen Anne Boleyn and involved with Anne's brother George. Set in this most intriguing time of British history, the times of the unpredictable Henry VIII, drama and suspense come almost on their own, but Kallio has chosen a good storyline. The insertion of historic speculation and possibilities - to me - bring a special quality to this fast paced historical thriller. The parallel stories of past and present make for a refreshing and compelling read that never bores. Well written and structured with a great ending this is a rewarding read.
Amy Sheldon 10/3/2013 I enjoyed the first edition, but the new update is awesome - the plot is tight and fast paced, the characters well defined and the ending leaves you waiting for more! The historical sections have been beefed up even more realistic and cleverly woven into the modern day scenario. What fun!
P. Elliott 8/29/2013 Modern day Lydia suffers from nightmares, which is bad enough, but when they start to intrude as "waking dreams" her partner Dan urges her to seek professional help from therapist Alan Stokes. In the nightmares Lydia takes on the persona of a maid at the Tudor Court and as she relives these dangerous times, her distress grows. In an attempt to sort fact from fantasy, Lydia visits relatives whio live near the place she dream about...only then does the full significance of the dreams become clear. As Lydia battles with the past she must also decide between two modern day lovers. The author's strength lies in the clever blending of two stories: one the modern day and the other historical. Her evocation of the Tudor period was delightful and I particularly enjoyed this take on Anne Boleyn's character. The author made the ill-fated Queen believeable and her end all the moving for it. Betrayal is a genuinely enjoyable read that looked forward to picking up and it kept me reading far into the night. A clever book with the added bonus of two stories in one and a satisfying end that neatly ties both threads up?
G. Indiebrag 8/28/2013 We are proud to announce that "Betrayal" by Michele Kallio is a B.R.A.G. MEDALLION Honoree. This tells a reader this book is well worth their time and money!
Kate Mullin 8/21/2013 Couldn't put this book down. Modern day Lydia Hamilton lives in Canada and Elisabeth Beeton story played out around the Court of Henry VIII. Time change between the centuries is cleverly done by the author. Lydia and Elisabeth's lives keep the reader captivated til the end.